Our New Surrogate Case Coordinator Program

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Hi everyone! We are so excited to be announcing the rebranding and launch of our new Surrogate Case Coordinator Program.

What this means for our Surrogates:

  • Case Coordinators will be trained to answer more Logistics Questions for surrogates, including Clinic, Travel, Legal, and Pregnancy!
  • Surrogates will have access to Jan Silverman, our on staff therapist, along with another therapist we are hiring. This will be open ended. Currently counselling is available for 6 appointments.  We will be opening counselling up to an unlimited number of appointments, to ensure that you not only have logistical support from our team, but also support in the form of counselling from clinically trained counsellors.
  • Surrogates will have access to a Monthly Support Group, online through Microsoft Teams.  This will be a great way to connect with/learn from other Surrogates from the comfort of their own home.
  • Surrogates will continue to have access to our YouTube Channel to have the most up to date access to Information regarding IVF, and the Surrogacy process.
  • We are still here for all of our surrogates, and so grateful that you have chosen CFC as your agency.  We truly want to ensure that you receive the greatest logistical, and emotional support from us!

Interested in becoming a surrogate? Check here to see if you are qualified!