Surrogate Parents

Creating your family through surrogacy is just as beautiful as having a child any other way.

Gestational Surrogacy

Who are Canadian Surrogates?

Canadian Fertility Consulting will help you find the right surrogate to help you build your family. The women who become surrogates are remarkable moms. They are women who have seen infertility first hand within their circle of friends or family, and they have the heart to make a difference in your life.

Our surrogates are intensively screened and educated about the process. A study of her background, including her spouse or partner is performed. Each surrogate is interviewed by a psychologist who provides a report of her support system, family structure, mental/emotional state and ability to fulfill her role as a surrogate.

Surrogate Criteria

Our Requirements for Surrogates

The women who become surrogates are looking for a relationship through this process, to truly connect with you and share this journey every step of the way.

In addition, Canadian Fertility Consulting requires surrogates to meet the following criteria:

  • be between the ages of 21 and 45 years.
  • have delivered one or more children of their own.
  • be a non-smoker, and live in a non-smoking home.
  • not use recreational drugs.
  • have a healthy BMI.
  • have regular menstrual cycles.
  • undergo a medical and physiological assessment for both herself and her partner.
  • be fully committed to the surrogacy process.

Comprehensive Support

The Surrogacy Process

Canadian Fertility Consulting is here to help facilitate communications between the intended parents and their surrogate regarding all the arrangements, including financial ones.

How we help with the details:

  • An initial consultation with one of our dedicated case specialists, to answer all of your questions.
  • An individualized fertility plan and profile to help match you with the perfect surrogate.
  • Exclusive referrals to surrogacy-specialized fertility lawyers, clinics, doulas or midwives, insurance providers, and more.
  • Management of all finances, receipts, and surrogate reimbursements.
  • An assigned case specialist to provide support and mediation if required.
  • Communication of all relevant information regarding medical appointments.
  • Enrollment in our Sacred Intended Parent program, to provide you and your surrogate with holistic products, support and information on birth planning, feeding your baby, guided meditations and more.

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We are committed to helping you build your family and will work with you until you have a child in your arms.
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