The Emotional and Psychological Impacts of Surrogacy

The Emotional and Psychological Impacts of Surrogacy

Surrogacy, a remarkable reproductive option, delves into the depths of human emotion, involving a complex interplay of feelings and psychological impacts for all parties involved. Surrogacy is a lifeline for many struggling with infertility. The emotional significance of surrogacy cannot be overstated, as it brings joy and hope to couples…

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100 Women: The Surrogate’s Club

BBC World Service Before the article begins, please know that in Canada, surrogates are not paid. If they have the receipts, they can be reimbursed for their expenses related to the pregnancy. Watch the video below to learn more about this surrogate group. “In Canada, surrogacy is altruistic. Women are…
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Budgeting Fertility Costs

We are often asked what the total cost of surrogacy is, or if there’s a guaranteed or fixed price. The short answer is no, but it’s absolutely so much more complex than a simple yes or no answer. So how do you budget fertility? While many fertility clinics have begun…
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Becoming a Surrogate in Canada

Becoming a surrogate is HUGE!  Many of the staff here at Canadian Fertility Consulting have been Surrogates themselves! So we know firsthand how amazing becoming a surrogate can be. We also know how much goes into the decision, and the steps that come with signing up, and getting matched! For…
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Surrogacy in Canada. Who are Surrogates in Canada?

Surrogacy in Canada. Who are Surrogates in Canada, and why do they participate for no Compensation? As a Surrogacy agency owner, past Surrogate, and someone who has worked in the Industry for nearly twenty years, I am constantly surprised by this question, and even more surprised by the answers I…
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Privacy vs secrecy in surrogacy

This week the media has been busy surmising as to why Paris Hilton and her partner Carter Reum chose surrogacy.  While it’s lovely that surrogacy is getting some press- we love when it’s normalized, the fact that the media believes it has rights to the medical or social reason behind…
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