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Celebrating Sisterhood: Recap of the 2024 Alberta Surrogate Retreat

Sacred Surrogacy, in partnership with Canadian Fertility Consulting, recently concluded its highly anticipated 2024 Surrogate Retreat at the picturesque Pine Lake in Alberta. From May 10th to May 12th, amazing women from various walks of life gathered at the Salvation Army Pine Lake Campground for a weekend filled with connection,…

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Does a Surrogate Share DNA With The Baby?

At Canadian Fertility Consultants, we know that going on the surrogacy journey can spark many questions about the links between the surrogate and the baby. Some people wonder if the surrogate mother and the baby share DNA, and how surrogacy affects the child’s identity. In this article, we will answer…
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The Emotional and Psychological Impacts of Surrogacy

Surrogacy, a remarkable reproductive option, delves into the depths of human emotion, involving a complex interplay of feelings and psychological impacts for all parties involved. Surrogacy is a lifeline for many struggling with infertility. The emotional significance of surrogacy cannot be overstated, as it brings joy and hope to couples…
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Pregnancy Care and Surrogacy

It’s official, you are pregnant.  While confirmation of pregnancy is the blessing you have been waiting for, it can also bring up feelings you weren’t expecting. For many intended parents the excitement also comes with anxieties and questions. Lots and lots of questions. For example, what does pregnancy care and surrogacy…
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Healthy Attachment

This post is to answer a question that I frequently receive, and often read about on other blogs, although my answer is often the opposite to others’ answers. As a part of my job, I follow most of the surrogacy blogs, Instagram and TikTok pages to look at trends. I…
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To Become a Surrogate: The Top 5 Things I Had to Overcome

The top 5 things I had to overcome to become a surrogate (in no particular order). The questions I had and their answers. Telling my kids. It terrified me to tell my kids that I had signed up to be a surrogate mother. I worried that they would say “but I want a…
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