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Celebrating Sisterhood: Recap of the 2024 Alberta Surrogate Retreat

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Sacred Surrogacy, in partnership with Canadian Fertility Consulting, recently concluded its highly anticipated 2024 Surrogate Retreat at the picturesque Pine Lake in Alberta. From May 10th to May 12th, amazing women from various walks of life gathered at the Salvation Army Pine Lake Campground for a weekend filled with connection, empowerment, and celebration.

A Gathering of Kindred Spirits

The retreat provided a platform for experienced surrogates and hopeful surrogates to come together in a supportive and nurturing environment. Against the serene backdrop of Pine Lake, attendees forged new friendships and rekindled old ones, united by their shared experiences and the beauty of surrogacy.

Words from the Retreat Leader

Alana Wagg, the Retreat Leader at Sacred Surrogacy, expressed her excitement about the event, stating, “Our weekend will be filled with activities some of us have grown to love, and some of us will experience for the first time. Whether you are a new Surrogate or an experienced Surrogate, our retreats are made for you! We promise by the end of the day, you will feel the joy and love that this sisterhood has to offer.”

Activities and Workshops

Throughout the retreat, participants engaged in a diverse range of activities aimed at fostering personal growth, connection, and self-care. From workshops to group discussions and recreational activities, surrogates had the opportunity to prioritize their well-being while strengthening bonds within the community.

Inclusive Access with Day Tickets

Responding to participant feedback, Sacred Surrogacy introduced day tickets for those unable to attend the full weekend. This inclusive approach ensured that everyone had the opportunity to experience the retreat and benefit from its empowering atmosphere. We will be hosting many more retreats across Canada this year.

About Canadian Fertility Consulting

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