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Becoming a Surrogate in Canada

June 7, 2023  |  surrogacy in canada 
Becoming a surrogate is HUGE!  Many of the staff here at Canadian Fertility Consulting have been Surrogates themselves! So we know firsthand how amazing becoming a surrogate can be. We also know how much goes into the decision, and the steps that come with signing up, and getting matched! For…
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Surrogacy in Canada. Who are Surrogates in Canada?

February 9, 2023  |  surrogacy in canada 
Surrogacy in Canada. Who are Surrogates in Canada, and why do they participate for no Compensation? As a Surrogacy agency owner, past Surrogate, and someone who has worked in the Industry for nearly twenty years, I am constantly surprised by this question, and even more surprised by the answers I…
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The Nuts and Bolts of Surrogacy

February 24, 2021  |  surrogacy in canada 
If you read our last blog post about the process of surrogacy but are still wondering about the in-depth process, this is the place to be! This post will explain the nuts and bolts of the process. You may still be wondering: how does the while process work for surrogacy…
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The Process of Surrogacy

February 22, 2021  |  surrogacy in canada 
Surrogacy is an absolutely amazing process. We are here to explain the step by step process in this blog. Leia Swanberg, CFC’s CEO and founder, has been a surrogate twice and has said many times that it truly changed her life. The First Step The first step of the process…
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Surrogate Qualifications

February 19, 2021  |  surrogacy in canada 
Many people come to surrogacy in Canada for a variety of reasons, but what is a surrogate mother? Whether it’s for a sister who has breast cancer or a gay brother who isn’t ready to have kids yet, they are interested in helping a same-sex couple. You need to know…
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Intro to Surrogacy

February 16, 2021  |  surrogacy in canada 
The information in this blog series is to help you decided if surrogacy is right for you now, if its right for you in the future and to hopefully answer your questions about this process!…
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