The Sacred Surrogacy Sisterhood

The sisterhood is the gift we give ourselves.

Honouring Surrogacy

The Vibrant Community

We are elated to integrate the Sacred Surrogacy programs into our services at CFC, with the intention that it will provide vital guidance and support for you in the most loving and sacred way.

When you become a surrogate for Canadian Fertility Consulting, you are automatically enrolled in the Sacred Surrogacy program. You will enjoy:

  • subscription services for holistic pregnancy related items, sent to your home at enrollment, twelve weeks and 25 weeks for postpartum.
  • access to sessions with an on-staff counsellor as required or requested.
  • entrance to one full weekend Sacred Surrogacy retreat.
  • access to online resources, webinars, and private support groups.
  • telephone support from team members. 

To learn more about Sacred Surrogacy, please visit the website.

The gift you can give intended parents is beyond measure.

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