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Building a Nationwide Doula network supporting Surrogates, and their Intended parents across Canada ensures all parties are supported during the Birth process.CANADA, December 8, 2019 / — Canadian Fertility Consultants and Sacred Surrogacy partner to create a National Doula directory specific to the Surrogacy Community.

Traditionally, doulas support women in labour as they transition to motherhood. During surrogacy births there are many more people to consider. Supporting the birthing woman, but also offering support to the parents is vital. Helping new parents establish bonding, feeding, and of course supporting the relationship between care providers, and all parties, ensuring inclusivity, for those intended parents who are members of lgtbq+ community. As you can imagine, there are many details to consider during birth planning. Finding a room for two men on a labour and delivery floor, or understanding that pumping/breastfeeding/feeding baby would look different with each set of clients, whether the surrogate is pumping, the new mom has induced lactation, dads are bottle feeding, or a combination of the the above.

Sacred Surrogacy’s mandate has always been to provide dducation and support to the birth community, and this is another way we can do this. “Over this past year we have received many calls and emails from doulas wanting our assistance in creating a birth plan for their surrogate clients” It’s for this reason that we wanted to create a surrogacy doula network.

Sacred Surrogacy has created handouts, and webinars that will be available to any doulas who are interested in supporting surrogacy in Canada, and this amazing community. This directory will launch in January 2020, and be available to doulas who are certified, and have demonstrated a keen interest in the surrogacy community.

Postpartum doulas are also more than welcome to register, as many of Sacred Surrogacy and Canadian FertilityConsultants intended parents are looking for support in those first days of parenthood, as well as looking for private prenatal or baby 101 classes.

To register to be a part of our national database, and to receive handouts including birth plans, and to be enrolled in our webinars, please contact Roycene Perry, at, or by calling our office at 613 439 8701.