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National Surrogacy Doula Network

December 9, 2019  |  surrogacy is love 
Building a Nationwide Doula network supporting Surrogates, and their Intended parents across Canada ensures all parties are supported during the Birth process.CANADA, December 8, 2019 / — Canadian Fertility Consultants and Sacred Surrogacy partner to create a National Doula directory specific to the Surrogacy Community. Traditionally, doulas support women in labour as they transition…
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Q & A: Tdap Vaccincation – with Leia Swanberg

December 5, 2019  |  surrogacy is love 
Each week our CEO Leia Swanberg will be answering questions that have been recurring throughout the week, at CFC.  This week’s question came from many Intended parents, and was regarding the Tdap Vaccination during the third trimester, and if they should be asking their surrogate to have this vaccine? Answer: …
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Canadian Fertility Consultants creates insurance safety net

November 25, 2019  |  surrogacy is love 
Though a partnership with ArtRisk Insurance, CFC is now leading the industry with an Insurance requirement for all non residents of Canada. CANADA, November 23, 2019 / — Canadian Fertility Consultants has once again become an Industry leader in the Surrogacy space in Canada. We asked Founder Leia Swanberg why…
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