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This week Toronto has been taken over by World Pride.  It’s been a busy week, full of concerts, shows, and Canada showcasing it’s AWESOMENESS!!!

What does World Pride have to do with Surrogacy?? Everything-  It still shocks us that in the majority of countries across the globe, Gay marriage is outlawed, as is Surrogacy for those in Same sex unions.  To us, that just seems insane, as close to 20 percent of our clients are those in same sex partnerships- either women looking for fertility clinics, or men looking for Gestational carriers, egg donors, and fertility clinics.

World Pride is such an opportunity for Canadian fertility clinics, Surrogacy consultants, as well as others in the field to showcase our Family friendly laws, great stats, and general awesomeness.

This week we have had many new clients approach us with curiosity, unsure if CFC would be willing to work with them, being from abroad, and being Gay.  Our answer is Absolutely Yes!!!  We have found great LGBQT friendly clinics, as well as legal professionals that we refer to, ensuring that all parties are respected, and treated with the utmost care.

What’s an LGBQT friendly Clinic:

When we are looking for clinics for any of our clients, it is vitally important that they don’t impose restrictions such as sperm quarantines, or have outdated paperwork that doesn’t respect 2 male/2 female patients.  This is so important to us as an organization, and we are constantly working with clinics on how to improve delivery of service.  We are also only working with clinics who support our mandate of patient centered care(all patients being treated equally, no matter what)

In Canada, we are so fortunate to be able to help, and support clients from around the globe through our various programs, and are grateful to all of the professionals we work with, sharing the same fundamental core values, that people becoming parents IS the priority, not religion, race, creed, gender, or sexual orientation.

CFC Thanks all of our partners, who have continued to help CFC stay Canada’s number one Fertility Consulting program.

For more information on CFC’s programs, and services, please call our office 613 439 8701, or email us at info@fertilityconsultants.ca