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Though a partnership with ArtRisk Insurance, CFC is now leading the industry with an Insurance requirement for all non residents of Canada.

CANADA, November 23, 2019 / — Canadian Fertility Consultants has once again become an Industry leader in the Surrogacy space in Canada. We asked Founder Leia Swanberg why she made this change, and here’s what she said. “Insurance is now a requirement prior to a Surrogate mother beginning a protocol prescribed by the Fertility clinic, for all non residents of Canada. We can no longer accept that foreign clients coming to Canada should have access to our health care, for their baby who will not meet the provinces residency requirement.”

It has always been suggested, however Intended parents didn’t realize the cost of Health care for non residents, and so had a choice to opt out, and as an agency we were noticing more clients doing so.

Requiring Insurance, and having partnerships with amazing organizations like ArtRisk has made it incredibly easy for Intended parents, as well as cost effective, knowing that they have appropriate insurance, should their baby come early, or require any medical interventions.

This year we have had three babies born significantly early, and thanks to an Allianz policy, purchased through ArtRisk, the parents were in great hands, and the Surrogate could rest assured that the baby she just brought into the world was covered for all medical costs.

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