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I can’t believe all that has happened in the past month. Our first Sacred Donation Evening, our first Intended Parent retreat in France and a Sacred Surrogacy retreat in BC this past weekend.

Sacred Intended Parent Retreat France

When I became a surrogate and created an incredible bond with my intended parents I realized that I wanted them to have the same experiences of support that we offer to our surrogates. Our Scared Intended Parent program was never something I thought would turn into a live retreat but after a while I thought why not? From then we started planning and creating what turned out to be an incredible event. In France there is already a great community of intended parents who speak regularly but haven’t necessarily met in person. We wanted to give them something different. We wanted to help them dig deep and be raw with one another and that’s exactly what happened. You could tell there was a level of discomfort around the fact that they had no idea what would be happening during our day together, but as the day went on you could see more smiles, more embraces between couples and more tears of sadness and joy. I feel like we offered something that was truly original for them and unlike anything they had ever experienced. By the end of our planned day no one wanted to leave. Everyone stayed for food and spoke with one another opening up even more. It was beautiful to watch. One of my favourite parts was when one of the IPs were leaving and he said to us “You girls are weird….but good.”

Sacred Intended Parent Retreat France

So many embraces while saying goodbye and smiles told us that we had achieved what we had come to do.

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