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Surrogate mother contract

When Canadian Fertility Consultants works with new matches, (the intended parents and the gestational carrier) are required to enter into a Legal agreement, and are required to obtain independent legal advice. This is a requirement of  not only CFC, but also the Fertility clinic that you will work with.

Canadian Fertility Consultants suggests that the following points should be covered:
* All parties must agree to undergo Medical/Psychological screening as required by the Fertility clinic
* The gestational carrier must agree to a period of abstinence prior/post embryo transfer as required by the Fertility clinic
* After conception has occurred, the gestational carrier and the gestational carrier’s partner must agree to
provide a safe prenatal environment. The carrier should also agree to comply with the medical instructions of the professionals she is    working with, including prenatal testing, and dietary restrictions.

*During the pregnancy, it is important to outline the expectations of all parties- will the intended parents attend medical appointments, the birth, as well as what type of contact the Gestational carrier is expecting post birth, if any.
* It should be agreed upon in advance as to what prenatal testing should be undertaken including the use of
amniocentesis or maternal serum screening. Provision in the agreement should be made in the event that an
abnormal screen is found with respect to pregnancy termination or continuation of the pregnancy.
* Every parent must accept that there is a risk of having a handicapped child or one with a congenital
abnormality. The agreement should reflect the fact that a child that is born with abnormalities must be accepted
by the intended parents unless such handicap or anomalies are the result of deception or lack of care by the gestational carrier or the    gestational carrier’s partner.

* The gestational carrier and her partner agree that they will not  terminate the pregnancy, unless deemed medically necessary, and agreed to by the Intended parents.

During a Surrogate pregnancy, a Gestational carrier may incur many pregnancy related expenses,and these costs should be agreed upon, and spelled out in the legal agreement. This will ensure that all parties are clear on the expectations of receipts, reimbursements, and how the financial aspects will be navigated.

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