Canadian surrogate – Question from an Intended Mom: What is induced Lactation?

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Canadian Surrogate – Many intended Moms that CFC works with ask how, and if they can Breastfeed their baby, upon birth.  We are so excited to be asked this question, as we are HUGE supporters of Induced lactation, and the bonding that it creates between Mother, and Babe.

Induced lactation  is the production of milk in female mammary glands, and occurs naturally during pregnancy and post-pregnancy breastfeeding. Women may want to induce lactation if they are planning on adopting a baby or becoming a mother through Gestational Surrogacy.  Lactation is governed by pituitary hormones (as opposed to ovarian hormones) and, therefore, any woman can stimulate lactation, regardless of her obstetric or gynecological history.

We suggest that Moms find resources in their community if they live in a major city, however if they live in a smaller, rural community we are happy to refer them to Breastfeeding resources that will be able to provide support from afar.

Most intended Moms will often begin this research when their Surrogate goes into her second trimester, in order to give her adequate time to develop a milk supply.

Here are some links to great resources that we suggest to Intended Moms,

If you are an Intended Mom, and have had experience with Induced lactation, we’d love to hear from you, as your experience will be so valuable to others considering breastfeeding as an option.