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This Thanksgiving was particularly exciting for us at Canadian Fertility Consultants.  Leading up to the long weekend, we had two Surrogates deliver- One a singleton, and the other carried a set of twins.  It was so fantastic, as both sets of parents were able to to get to the deliveries in time to be present for the birth, and to be a support to their surrogates, as they delivered.

On Saturday morning, I woke up to a text from one of our Surrogate mothers that they had gotten a positive home pregnancy test, and by Sunday, our Surrogate message board was lit up with news of two more positive home tests.

We are always very excited when Surrogates share their news with us, as it reminds us of why we are doing the work we are, and why connecting with our Surrogates is such a vital part of our business.

This past week we also had visitors to the Canadian Fertility Consultants office in Brighton, by a couple from Germany, as well as a couple from France.  It is always such a pleasure for our office staff to meet with International intended parents, as we often don’t get the chance, at the early stages of the process.  Both sets of intended fathers had a great time in Canada, and were able to meet with Lawyers, fertility clinic, and of course with the amazing woman who would help turn their dream into a reality.  It was a true pleasure for us to watch these intended parents begin their journey to parenthood.

As we look at all of the things that we are Thankful for, as an organization, it always comes back to one thing- We are Thankful that Intended parents, and Surrogates allow us to share in their journey to parenthood.

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Canadian Fertility Consulting is so Thankful for all of our clients

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