Surrogacy story for an LGBTQ+ family

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Surrogacy helps people fulfill dreams of parenthood. This is the story of one couple as they search for their surrogate.

For the LGBTQ+ community having a biological child can be extremely complex. Especially for men who need a surrogate. Luckily in Canada, there are surrogacy agencies and clinics to help make the lifelong dream a reality. However, everyone talks about the success stories around IVF and Surrogacy and we see this beautiful result. What we don’t often talk about is the patience, pain, and struggle many families endure to make this happen. I want to share with you one couple’s surrogacy story and how they got to where they are. 

Jonathan and Arturo, from Sherbrooke, Québec, and Monterrey, Mexico. Both men, who grew up dreaming of the day they could have kids of their own. Being restless travellers, it was only natural they would meet while travelling. They happened to run into each other for the first time in Tel Aviv, in 2018, two days before returning to their respective countries. About 24 hrs after meeting each other, Jonathan asked Arturo if he wanted kids in his life. After Arturo heard this, he knew he had found the person to go on this journey with.  

Video message from Jonathan and Arturo

Arturo always envisioned having a child but had never found the right person to build a family with until he found Jonathan. Johnathan tells us “He loves kids so much that whenever there is one in the house, he is always the one to go play with them. He has a nephew who he loves to play with, and he helps him with his homework whenever he can.” Arturo will make the most loving father.

So, they found each other what comes next? 

Egg donors & creation of embryos  

For gay men to have children medical screening is important. This is to make sure his sperm is healthy and tests things such as the quality and quantity. This screening will also show whether additional procedures will be needed to fertilize the eggs. 

Then there is the female side of things, the eggs. This means finding an egg donor who will undergo a cycle of fertility drugs as well as an egg retrieval. These eggs get fertilized with sperm to then grow into embryos.

After finding an egg donor Arturo and Jonathan were able to successfully create 26 embryos. 13 of those have been frozen and are ready for transfer!

Who is going to carry their baby?  

This is the next step for Arturo and Jonathan. Finding a surrogate mother takes time because finding a surrogate is not an easy task. You can always choose a friend or relative as a surrogate, or you can use an agency to help find a gestational surrogate (someone who carries the pregnancy but does not supply the egg). Arturo and Jonathan are working with Canadian Fertility Consulting to find their surrogate and can’t wait to meet the person who will make this a reality.  

Could I be their surrogate?

We would love that! If you have the heart to help Johnathan and Arturo become fathers they would be so thankful to meet you. These men have taken huge strides to make this dream come true but this next step is out of their hands until that special person walks through the door. We can’t wait to see this journey unfold and we hope you are a part of it.

To get in contact with us about Jonathan and Arturo reach out to us below.

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