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Surrogacy story for an LGBTQ+ family

November 23, 2022  |  ivf 
Surrogacy helps people fulfill dreams of parenthood. This is the story of one couple as they search for their surrogate. For the LGBTQ+ community having a biological child can be extremely complex. Especially for men who need a surrogate. Luckily in Canada, there are surrogacy agencies and clinics to help…
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Krysten’s Surrogacy Story

May 15, 2019  |  ivf 
Why do women decide to become surrogates? And how does the process unfold? Canadian Fertility Consulting continues this series of interviews with our surrogates to share stories from women just like you. Women who decided to take a leap of faith, change someone’s life forever, and make their dreams come true. This…
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Possible Obstacles with Surrogacy

March 12, 2019  |  ivf 
As Intended Parents who are seeking the assistance of a surrogate to help make your family dreams come true, it’s important to remember this is a human process, and as such there are no guarantees. While finding you a committed surrogate is Canadian Fertility Consulting’s top priority, sometimes unforeseen circumstances…
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10 Steps to Being a Surrogate

March 4, 2019  |  ivf 
If you’re interested in becoming a surrogate, this ten step guide is a great place to start learning about the process. At Canadian Fertility Consulting, we recommend potential surrogates do plenty of research in order to discover the agency that will best match your expectations. We’ve compiled these ten steps…
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