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Surrogacy story for an LGBTQ+ family

November 23, 2022  |  IP Spotlight 
Surrogacy helps people fulfill dreams of parenthood. This is the story of one couple as they search for their surrogate. For the LGBTQ+ community having a biological child can be extremely complex. Especially for men who need a surrogate. Luckily in Canada, there are surrogacy agencies and clinics to help…
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IP Spotlight: Diego & Alex

January 22, 2021  |  IP Spotlight 
We are  filled with so much hope that we will find our surrogate soon. When we started researching about how to start our family, we fell in love with Canadian surrogacy, and we think it is so beautiful how someone will be willing to help us become dads. We both love…
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Friday Favourites – Top 5 Intended Parents of the week!

January 15, 2021  |  IP Spotlight 
This week I’ve picked my TOP 5 Intended Parents that we want to help. They’re all inspiring in their own ways, as each of these clients have faced significant obstacles so far in their journey to parenthood.…
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Meet Intended Parents, Simon and Jérôme!

September 15, 2018  |  IP Spotlight 
We are so excited to introduce you to Simon and Jérôme! Simon and Jérôme began their journey with surrogacy in March and are now planning for their first transfer! “On March 29, 2018, we, Simon and Jérôme, 26 years old and living in France, officially began our journey to have a…
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