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This is Canadian Fertility Consulting’s amazing finance team! From left to right: Estelle, Laura, Carley, and Kim. Together they work hard to manage the financial aspects of surrogacy for both surrogates and Intended Parents. They are a wealth of knowledge and are always happy to answer any questions you may have.

Kim (left) and Carley (right) are both Finance Specialists at Canadian Fertility Consulting and focus on the needs of surrogates.

Kim and Carley connect with all surrogates to explain what their financial responsibilities are in relation to their surrogacy journey. They manage receipts and reimbursement for surrogates and their intended parents to ensure Canadian Fertility Consulting is within legal guidelines. Carley and Kim coordinate surrogate travel needs along with our travel department, and also provide support through each stage of their journey.

Kim is a mom of five, ranging in age from 6-23, and is also a three-time surrogate for two sets of Intended Parents. She’s an active participant in social justice causes and is the co-founder of the Cobourg Queer Collective. Kim also co-chairs Pride Northumberland, along with planning and executing Cobourg’s PRIDE events. Her favourite part of her role is talking with surrogates and having the opportunity to follow their journeys: “It fills my soul in a way I can’t even describe, and it’s an opportunity I wouldn’t have in any other career”.

Carley is a mom of two girls, ages 3 and 9, and one-time surrogate. When she’s not at work she enjoys reading a good book, taking her chocolate lab Leroy for a swim, and spending time quality time with her family. Her favourite part of her role is interacting with surrogates and watching their journeys unfold.

Estelle (left) is a Finance Specialist and Laura (right) is the Finance Manager. Together they focus on the needs of Intended Parents.

Estelle and Laura manage the financial relationship between Intended Parents and surrogates in relation to their surrogacy journey. They communicate with Intended Parents to ensure they understand what their financial responsibilities are in relation to the reimbursement account. They also facilitate payments to lawyers, clinics, counsellors, and outside monitoring on behalf of the Intended Parents. Estelle and Laura maintain accurate financial records, ensure all reimbursements are relevant and legitimate, and supply intended parents with a monthly reimbursement account statement for them to review.

Estelle is the mother of a beautiful 3-year-old son and has recently taken over responsibility for her two nieces. She is thrilled to announce that she is soon to be married, and in her free time she is busy with wedding arrangements. Estelle’s favourite part of her role with Canadian Fertility Consultants is witnessing the joy of intended parents and surrogates. She loves receiving updates and photos after the births, especially those from special occasions like birthdays that wouldn’t exist without the amazing gift of surrogacy.

Laura is a happily married wife and a mom of 4 busy teenagers. Outside of work she spends most of her free time at the hockey arena, but also enjoys entertaining friends and family at the cottage. Her favourite things include being by the beach, spending time in the sun, the smell of coconut, and the odd glass of red wine while reading a new book. Her favourite part of her role is being a part of these beautiful journeys and helping to build families. Receiving photos and stories is a daily reminder of why she loves her career so much.

If you have any questions or concerns for the finance team please don’t hesitate to contact us.