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The information in this blog series is to help you decided if surrogacy is right for you now, if its right for you in the future and to hopefully answer your questions about this process!

To kick things off we are opening this series with the basics: what is surrogacy anyways?

Well what surrogacy is, is the act of carrying a child for people or a person who could not otherwise have a family.

So, what that looks like typically, is either a heterosexual couple who is struggling with unexplained infertility – meaning the doctors aren’t sure why a pregnancy isn’t being achieved and may suggest that a surrogate would be the best chance to achieve a pregnancy.

The second reason is for medical issues. So many of our couples come to us after a breast cancer diagnosis, kidney failure, type one diabetes, or another medical issue that would make pregnancy just not safe. So those people would require your assistance.

As well, many of our couples are same-sex male couples who will not only have you helping them as a surrogate, but will also have an egg donor.

So, in our program we work with gestational surrogacy which is you carrying a baby that is not genetically connected to you. It would either be an intended mom’s eggs or if it’s a same sex male couple it may be one of the partners sisters as a donor or they find an anonymous or unknown egg donor.

Surrogacy is such a blessing for so many people, so just for reading this, for doing your research, for asking the questions, thank you.

You will absolutely change someone’s life.

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