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Leia Swanberg, CEO and Founder of Canadian Fertility Consulting and Founder of Fertility Advisors was joined by supporters from across Canada to take part in advocacy work in Ottawa this week. Participants included doctors, lawyers, mental health professionals, Surrogates, Donors, Intended Parents and CFC staff.

Day 1 in Ottawa

Day 1 in Ottawa on Wednesday, March 11, 2020 started off at the Senate of Canada Building!

Leia, along with the group pictured below, addressed a group of Senators to give evidence on why the decriminalization of Surrogacy and Gamete Donation matters.

Pictured above from left to right: Sharon Hunter (Surrogate), Sosia Galperin (CReATe Fertility Centre), Jan Silverman (Counsellor), Sara Cohen (Owner, Fertility Law Canada), Cindy Wasser (Founder, Hope Springs Fertility Law)

The day continued at the Brooke Claxton Building for a meeting at the Office of the Minister of Health to discuss the new upcoming AHRA regulations and how they are/will be affecting lawyers, doctors, agencies, donors and surrogates.

Pictured above from left to right: Rachel West (Partner at Carbert Waite LLP), Leia Swanberg (Founder & CEO of Canadian Fertility Consulting), Michelle Avery (Director of Operations at JA Surrogacy Consulting), Cindy Wasser (Founder, Hope Springs Fertility Law), Sosia Galperin (CReATe Fertility Centre).

Day 2 in Ottawa

Day two in Ottawa on Thursday, March 12th started with a Press Conference hosted by The Hon. Lucie Moncion, Canadian Senator, with a coalition of fertility specialists, surrogates and intended parents. This Press Conference was to discuss Bill S-216 An Act to amend the Assisted Human Reproduction Act. Watch the Press Conference here.

Source: @SenLucieMoncion

The Hon. Lucie Moncion then met with Leia and a group of amazing women who have all been surrogates, or currently are a surrogate.

Day 2 ended at the Senate Building of Canada for the Second Reading of Bill S-216. The objective of the Bill will be debated and then referred to one of the Senate’s Committees to be studied.

We are so grateful to have had this opportunity to support the efforts of the decriminalization of Surrogacy and Gamete Donation in Ottawa! Follow along on our Fertility Advisors Facebook and #surrogacyisnotacrime #decriminalizesurrogacy