Feature: Local Surrogate Fulfills Irish Couple’s Wish

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When one of our amazing Surrogates, and her intended parents are featured in the news, we have to share it. Travelling to Holden last week to celebrate with these amazing people was definitely a highlight, in a low light COVID world.

Article from The Weekly Review. Read full story here.

Megan Schiewe fulfilled an Irish couple’s dream of having their very own baby by becoming a surrogate. In the process, she also realized a dream of her own.

Meghan gave birth to a baby boy in Viking on Sept 4. Elliot Holden Tierney came into the world at 7:51 p.m. at the Viking Health Centre. New parents, Molly and Nial Tierney, Named the child Elliott Holden Tierney, with the middle name a sign of their gratitude to Meghan and the village.

It had been a long journey spanning three years before this treasured wish came true. It started with Meghan deciding she wanted to become a surrogate after having her and her husband Travis’ own two children, Sadie, now 7, and Daxton, 3.

“I knew that infertility is heartbreaking, cruel and unfair,” she said. “I had the power to change someone’s story.” She decided, “If i can, I will.” The decision was aided by the nagging thought that if she didn’t do this, she would live to regret it when she got older in life.

But getting to that stage took a few years after she saw a Canadian Fertility Consulting (CFC) ad on Facebook. She learned there were rules in Canada around becoming a surrogate, such as being under 35 to be eligible to sign up. “It’s very strictly regulated,” she said, and illegal to do it for monetary gain.

“I decided to go with CFC,” she said, after being impressed by its CEO Leia Swanberg, herself a past surrogate with headquarters on Vancouver Island. ” I really loved their story and how she wanted to help others.”

Patricia Harcourt, Editor

Article from The Weekly Review. Read full story here.

Through CFC there was medical and psychological screening done for Meghan, and psychological and blood screening done for Travis. Then the surrogate couple moved on to the contract phase where they had to agree to do the surrogacy for altruistic reasons, receive no financial compensation and give the baby only to the “intended parents.”

Molly and Niall Tierney had been through heartbreaking attempts to have a child on their own. But their heartbreak turned to joy after the birth of their son Sept. 4, and Molly Tierney wrote a touching Facebook comment….

“After 20 IVFs, 10 incredibly difficult miscarriages, and a surrogacy journey that took five embryo transfers, we can hardly believe that this baby managed to make it earth side…but here he is…”

Patricia Harcourt, Editor

Article from The Weekly Review. Read full story here.

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