Leia Swanberg

Leia's passion for alternative family building began at age sixteen, when she was a birth mother for a child placed as an open...


A Beautiful Journey

Leia, here is our updated family portrait for you. We wanted to again thank you from the bottom of our hearts for helping us build the family we...


A Family Remembers

Leia, here is the new family portrait I promised you, can you believe how much they have grown. We are really looking forward to seeing you this...


Thank You For Our Miracle

Leia, words really cannot express our gratitude to you and your support team at Canadian Fertility Consultants. We were almost ready to give up ...


Thank You From The Neil Family

Thank you so much for helping and supporting us through this process Leia. We are so thankful we found someone that really listened to our conce...

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Gatherings from the Labyrinth with Sacred Fertility Eggs, beautiful, perfect eggs. This season we are joyfully surrounded by one of the most ancient fertility symbols: the egg. In Chinese medicine, eating eggs are known to help restore Yin and build the Blood. They are a wonderful food for preconception, pregnancy and just after labour. Boiled eggs especially hold the most potent benefits because they are cooked in the shell. Many ancient traditions connected eggs with birth, life and rebirth. "The cosmic egg, according to the Vedic writings, has a spirit living within it which will be born, die, and be born yet again. Certain versions of the complicated Hindu mythology describe Prajapati as forming the egg and then appearing out of it himself. Brahma does likewise, and we find parallels in the ancient legends of Thoth and Ra. Egyptian pictures of Osiris, the resurrected corn god, show him returning to life once again rising up from the shell of a broken egg. The ancient legend of the Phoenix is similar. This beautiful mythical bird was said to live for hundreds of years. When its full span of life was completed it died in flames, rising again in a new form from the egg it had laid." from Newall, Venetia. (1967) “Easter Eggs,” The Journal of American Folklore Vol 80 (315): 3-32. Barbara Walker points out that the Egyptian sign for the World Egg was the same as for an embryo in a woman's womb. In many countries eggs are still dyed red in Spring-- red being another connection to either the ancient Goddess or to Jesus' Blood as the faith may be-- but potent blood none the less. The Goddess' Blood is a true symbol of fertility because our blood is what allows us to become creatrixes, to pro-create. Our blood which contains our eggs-- our potent seeds of potential-- coming from our core within and out into reality. Please make sure when you eat eggs that they are from beloved birds who are fed pure food and treated with kindness. All of that vibration goes into what we put into our bodies too. If you are allergic to eggs or you choose not to eat them: crystal eggs are a fantastic way to bring the 'egg' energy into your life. Have them in your sacred space or carry them with you. x round and cosmic blessings , The Jessicas #sacredfertility #sacredlivingmovement #sacredpregancy #eggs #fertility

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Do you know about our #1in6 campaign for CIAW 2015? Learn more here:

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Canadian Fertility Consultants is a full service consulting firm dedicated to helping couples who have had difficulty conceiving naturally, by providing guidance and support while exploring alternate methods to building a family. We have been helping couples build families since 2007 and take a holistic approach to everything we do. We will put the right team in place to support you through your journey of building a loving family.

Whether you are looking to build a family through surrogacy, assisted reproductive technology or adoption we can help. We strongly believe that this journey should be rewarding and stress free, our goal is to guide and support you through this process.

We offer all couples a free initial consultation to assess your specific needs and gather information. During the initial consultation we will also explain in detail the services that we provide and our fee structure. Once the initial consultation has finished we will put together a detailed proposal for your consideration.