About Canadian Fertility Consulting

We Build Families

Canadian Fertility Consulting is a full service consulting firm dedicated to helping couples and individuals who have had difficulty or are unable to conceive, by providing guidance and support while exploring alternate methods to building a family. We have been helping couples build families since 2007 and take a holistic approach to everything we do. We will put the right team in place to support you through your journey of building a loving family.

We Care

CFC is a premier agency having helped thousands of Intended Parents achieve their dreams of building a family through surrogacy and egg donation. As a leading global agency, we pride ourselves in introducing Surrogate Mothers to couples or individuals who need help fulfilling their dreams of parenthood. Our commitment, skills and compassion are unparalleled by other agencies in the fertility industry. We look forward to hearing from you about how we can help your family.

We Have The Right People

With our highly trained, dedicated team, we have the right people in place to make your dreams come true. From our meticulous accounting team, our committed Intended Parent Support department, our loyal Surrogate Support workers and our devoted Management team, we have the group of the industries best, ready to assist you. Led by CEO Leia Swanberg, our staff commit their time and energy into putting every piece of the puzzle together to build your family, or support your surrogacy journey. We are here for you every step of the way.

Our Clients Come First

We work with individuals and couples from all demographics and areas of the world. We strongly believe that this journey should be rewarding and stress free. Our goal is to guide and support you through this process.
We offer all couples a free initial consultation to assess your specific needs and gather information. During this consultation we will also explain in detail the services that we provide and our fee structure. Once the initial consultation has been completed, we will put together a detailed proposal for your consideration..

About Our Programs


  • Communication

    We offer 24/7 online support to each and every one of our Surrogates. Support Team members are available for phone calls daily and in any emergency.

  • Support

    We have an entire team of highly trained, dedicated and available individuals who have completed the surrogacy process and are here to support you.

  • Medical

    We have strong relationships with the best Fertility Clinics in North America and ensure you will receive the best level of care possible.

  • Sisterhood

    With over 300 Surrogates currently active in our program, we have a strong and loyal sisterhood of women.

Intended Parents

  • Communication

    With staff members dedicated to assisting you every step of the process, clear and concise communication is a promise we make to you.

  • Surrogacy in Canada

    Canada provides one of the most favorable legal climates for surrogacy and egg donation arrangements, which is one reason clients from around the world come to Canada.

  • Financial

    Canadian Fertility Consulting is here to help facilitate communications between the Intended Parents and the Surrogate regarding all the arrangements, including financial. Our Surrogates are intensively screened and educated about the process.

  • Support

    We have 24/7 online support groups for Intended Parents and Intended Mothers. Our staff is also available for immediate support if needed during any emergency, time or emotionally sensitive situation.