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This was my family’s way of giving back! We finished our family with our adoption of our youngest and wanted someone to be able to start or finish their family.- T

 I chose to become a surrogate because I know how it feels to desperately want to have children and not be able to have them without someone else’s help. We learned that my husband is completely sterile in 2006 and if it wasn’t for someone donating sperm we would not have our two children.- H

The feeling of becoming a parent. There is no other feeling like it in this world. To be able to give that to someone is truly a gift. I am more than thankful to have the opportunity to help do that for someone.- A

I found pregnancy so easy and I loved it. I searched back in 2003 and no luck in Canada. So finally gave up until 2015 when I found CFC. Always wanted to help complete families.- K

I have kids. I have a marriage. I’ve had careers. Surrogacy WAS the 1 thing missing in my life. I now finally feel complete. I had the biggest void in my life, and no matter what I did, i couldn’t fill it. My surrogacy dream faded into the distance, as I struggled to find myself and my whole. Until one day, the universe gave it to me, and showed me how to become whole. By helping other people become truly whole. – K

I’ve watched a few important people in my life struggle and give up having babies because it was just too difficult to keep getting the same disappointment month after month, all while I’ve had all 4 of my children. Watching their hearts break because it wasn’t happening for them. I then decided that I would be a surrogate to make someone else dreams come true. – M


While I’ve never had any problems getting pregnant myself, I have friends who have. They’ve had so many losses and it breaks my heart to see that happen. My children, while rowdy and drive me crazy sometimes, are the best things I’ve ever done in my life. The feeling I get when they give me snuggles and kisses, is the best feeling in the world. I want to help others to have that. To know what it is to be loved by your child. It’s truly a love like no other. – K

To help complete a family as I believe everyone deserves the chance to experience the unconditional love of a child. – M

 Two of my sisters struggled to get pregnant and stay pregnant, while the 3rd birthed 7 children that were raised in foster care. It was heartbreaking to watch the struggle and one side with desire and want and the ungratefulness of the other.  When I considered being a surrogate for my sister, I had done quite a bit of research to discover just how many people suffer from fertility issues and it floored me. Fortunately my sister got pregnant a few months later and carried her baby to term-she didn’t need me, but I knew someone else did.  I have delivered 4 baby boys to their families and it has been absolutely amazing. I didn’t realize just how much my family would benefit either. We are all better compassionate and loving people for having done these surrogate journeys. – M

At the age of 16 I was diagnosed with endometriosis and was told I may never have children. I suffered emotionally for years because of this but I was incredibly fortunate and was able to conceive on my own. I knew the moment I found out that I was pregnant that I needed to give someone who truly could not carry their own child the gift of family. I knew I needed to be a surrogate! – M

I wanted to give someone the love I felt when I was blessed with my children. My kids are my life and I feel everyone deserves to feel that way. -B

I wanted to help a gay couple start a family. Originally I offered to be a surrogate for my cousin 15 years ago when he came out. He has no interest in having a family, but I know there’s many couples who will make incredible parents given the chance. Thank you for letting me fulfill that dream! – H


 I know what it feels like to want a child, and not be able to have one. I have experienced pregnancy loss, and while my fertility situation was resolved, I know some people never make it to that point. I want to help someone grow a baby! I want to see them hold it in their arms, and know that I helped in some small way. – M

Several very close people in my life have struggled with fertility problems. My husband and I had NO trouble what so ever and this was my way of honouring the struggle and strength that so many have gone through. It was my way of doing something I can, for those deserving that cannot. I began a beautiful new chapter of my life when my kids came into the world. I just want to give others the same new journey. – J

As a foster parent I see so many undeserving parents hurt their children. I wanted to do something on the other end of things and give a loving couple a chance to have a family. Children are a blessing and I want to give a couple the best gift imaginable.- C

I want to to be able to look back on my life and remember that I did something to be proud of. I want to remember myself as one of the worlds really good giving people. I see surrogacy on the same lines as the people who donate kidneys to strangers. Despite the bad Shadow a lot of people cast it in , I see it as a very giving experience and very humbling. I want to know I am capable of bettering myself through helping others at my own physical expense. Looking back when I’m old, that would be a life worth living. – K

Becoming a mother was the best thing that ever happened to me.  I had the blessing of having twins. But always felt like I was denied that extra pregnancy. This helps me fill that void. Being able to help a couple become a family is the greatest gift. – A

Infertility runs within my family. And no one talks about it because we are West Indian. Infertility isn’t a real thing that happens, it’s taboo and if you talk about it, you’re being disrespectful and rocking the boat. Fuck that. I wanted to teach my fam jam that infertility isn’t a burden, nothing is “wrong” with the men and women in our family, and yes – someone else having a child to complete a family is acceptable. – R


Hard to pick just one reason but the most prominent reason for me is my son, he is my light, my world. Nothing in the world compares to being a parent and i have the ability to help someone else have that in their lives. The look on my intended fathers face when they seen their daughter for the first time and watching them become who they were always meant to be is indescribable.- A

I watched a family member struggle with infertility when I was young and from that point on I knew this was something I had to do if I could-J

I became a surrogate to help. My ability to carry and birth babies is a gift I have and want to share with others.- J

My sister has fertility issues. I originally looked into it to help her, but her husband thought it would be creepy. So, I reached out to help others. – S

Because I liked being pregnant but hubby and I weren’t ready for another of our own. – H

 I watched a good friend give her child up for adoption to complete a loving family and it was just something in me that said I could do that help people complete their family. -A


Because why not?! I loved being pregnant with my own and it was an easy pregnancy. I didn’t want any more children of my own at the time so when I saw information about it 5 years ago now I said why not!!- S

To help a family tree grow!  To help a couple become parents, their parents become grandparent, their sisters and brothers become aunts and uncles. – M

I had it written down on my bucket list. Do one selfless act. I didn’t want to just mow someone’s lawn. I wanted to change lives . – N

My kids are such blessings! My wife and I were able to have our youngest two thanks to a sperm donor. I am forever grateful. Having the honour of helping two men create a family feels like the perfect way to pay it forward. I always thought I would carry for someone in my friend or family circle who needed it but it never happened. I feel so blessed to be on this journey.- J


It was a fantastic way to reinforce for my kids how families are comprised of, and conceived in, a multitude of ways. It’s not about acceptance or tolerance, it’s about being human and not even seeing a difference because families are families. – M

To help make those dreams come true for those who struggle to have a family …. being a surrogate was the greatest gift. I have ever given anyone in my life…. I know I am a parent and love being a parent myself and I needed to give that opportunity to someone else … my way of giving back to the world that has also given me soo much …- I

I had a recurring dream that I was delivering A baby and giving it to a couple in the corner of the delivery room. I sought spiritual guidance and the dream only kept getting stronger. I feel this is a calling for me. Not something I chose to do but it is my purpose in life. With Hope and Faith comes great Joy! – J

After seeing my sister struggle with infertility do to health issues I knew if I had the chance to give someone the joy of children and relieve the pain and wanting they have experienced I would. My sister passed away 3 years ago but I know she is supporting me the whole way.- A

The unconditional love you feel for a child is indescribable. They frustrate you, amuse you, worry you, entertain you, scare you, but most of all they make you so proud of the person they are as an individual for all their strengths and weaknesses. Then you think to yourself I created this. Since becoming a surrogate so many people have shared their personal struggles about infertility and it reminds me why I am so happy to be a surrogate. It gives me this amazing feeling inside of how truly blessed I am that two people have trusted me with something so special to them. These two people have brought me into their family like I have brought them into mine. But the most simple reason I give is because I had nothing else going on in my life that why not bake a baby for someone and put some good back into this world. I chose to carry for a gay couple because I wanted my daughter to be shown what acceptance is. That regardless of who you choose to love you are accepted and loved. I truly believe that every parent wants nothing but their child to be healthy and happy. If choosing to love someone of the same sex makes them happy then I would never want to take that away from them. – C

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