Why I became a Surrogate Mother

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After becoming a Mama for the second time I realized that I wanted to share this amazing love with others. I wanted to be able to give someone that awestruck moment when you see your child for the first time. My children have brought so much joy, knowledge and love into my life that I questioned if there was a need for Surrogacy.

I quickly discovered that the need was huge…now how to navigate through, get sound advice and be the surrogate that Intended Parents are looking for. I was lucky to be introduced to Leia Picard of Canadian Fertility Consultants, who made my introduction to surrogacy amazing. Within a couple months of filling in my profile, talking to other surrogates, and learning all I could, I was introduced to a local couple.

My journey took a bit to get going, but on the day I had my transfer for S’s (SurroBaby) parents, I KNEW this was going to be successful. 2 weeks later our blood work came back positive and off we went! The next 10 months was an incredible journey, one that I will forever look back on with a sense of surrealism. The day S was born, my incredible surrogacy journey came to a fantastic end…for the parents? Their wonderful life as a family was just beginning.

Surrogacy has added so much to my life, and helped me realize things I don’t know I would have before. What is your story? Are you an Intended Parent looking for a Surrogate? Are you thinking of helping someone’s dreams come true? Share your stories with us…