What to Pack for Your Hospital or Birthing Center Delivery: Surrogates

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Knowing what to pack for your hospital or birthing center delivery can be tricky, especially when you don’t want to over or under pack. Fortunately, after a delivery with no complications, hospitals will likely discharge a surrogate and the new family in less than 48 hours. Though, it is still helpful to be prepared and not worry about having left things behind.

We want to help make packing a breeze. Use this packing guide when preparing for the birth of your new surrogate baby:

Laboring Bag

◊ Toiletries such as toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, and facial products

◊ Hairbrush, hair elastics, and hairband

◊ Wallet with money (cash for parking), identification, and drug plan cards

◊ Lists of medications, emergency contacts, and birth plan

◊ Water bottle with straw

◊ Cell phone and charger

◊ Massage oil or cream

If you desire being massaged during or after delivery, this is a must have! It may be helpful, as well, if you’re prone to dry skin. We love Hedgecraft Herbals Emerging Herbal Massage Oil which can be used for prenatal, perinatal, and infant massage!

◊ Snacks and drinks

Opt for easily digestible and nutritional options such as lean meat, bananas, potatoes, eggs, oatmeal, and yogurt. Make sure to check your hospitals nut policy before bring nut products.

◊ Towel and shower sandals for birthing pool or shower

◊ Music and speaker or headphones

◊ Lip balm

We love these rejuvenating Sacred Surrogacy Lip Balms.

◊ Housecoat

◊ Yoni Spray or peri-bottle

Most hospitals will provide peri-bottles. However, you may want to bring your own just in case or even try this divine yoni-spray.

 Hospital Stay Bag

◊ 2 Comfortable outfits

◊ 2 Pairs of pajamas

◊ 2 Sports bras, nursing bras, or bandeaus

◊ 3 Pairs of large and comfortable underwear

We recommend these postpartum undies for both c-section and vaginal deliveries.

◊ 3 Pairs of socks

◊ A book, computer, or movies for passing the time during or after delivery

◊ Pillow and cozy blanket

◊ Kleenex and a roll of soft toilet paper

◊ Slide on slippers

◊ Contacts/Glasses

◊ Large Cloth or Disposable pads

Some women opt for adult diapers such as these. However, if you plan on soaking and freezing your pads, postpartum cloth pads or disposable heavy flow pads may be a better option.

◊ Sitz bath

Sitz baths offer the healing and calming powers of herbs and salts. Check out these Sacred Surrogacy Pack of 3 Sitz Bath. Usually, hospitals will have sitz bath trays. If you’d like to purchase one just in case, you can find them here.

For Surrogates breastfeeding or relieving breasts after delivery:

◊ Containers for breastmilk

◊ Nipple cream

Highly recommended nipple creams include Hedgecraft Herbals NipOil Balm and Earth Mama Organic Nipple Butter.

◊ Nursing Pillow

◊ Breast pump

This Todays Parent article shares the best breast pumps of 2018.

◊ Nursing pad

An absorbent, yet soft breast pad is desirable. There are disposable or reusable options such as these. For mama’s whom leak plenty, these fillable pads may be an ideal option.

For a birthing partner:

◊ Towel, swimwear and flip-flops if joining surrogate in a birth pool or shower

◊ Snacks and drinks

◊ A change of comfortable clothes

◊ Comfortable shoes and socks