What lead me to surrogacy

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Leia Swanberg, the CEO of Canadian Fertility Consulting shares what lead her to become a surrogate.

For me, Surrogacy was never an “I love pregnancy”, “family was so important to me growing up” or “I was so loved by my parents, I want a child to feel that.” It was a different emotion that drew me to become a surrogate.

Instead, it was that all I had wanted was to be a part of a family that really wanted to be parents. Even though I hated pregnancy, I also desperately wanted to heal my own birth trauma. Furthermore, I really wanted to be needed by someone (co-dependency was real).

In hindsight, I’m not sure how I passed that psych assessment, but I did. Two surrogacy journeys later, here I am. That choice to become a surrogate was such a pivotal point in my life.

I write this because there are so many people that I speak to who express their deep desire to be surrogates, but worry that all or some of the above would make them ineligible for this dream.

The fact is, we all have healing to do or things in life that have happened to us. Through my journeys, I healed some of my own trauma. Had the profound opportunity to watch a mother born, when I delivered her baby, and still hate being pregnant. I hope that because you are reading this you don’t shy away from your wish to help grow someone’s family.

If you are even a little curious about Surrogacy, and if it’s the right thing for you, reach out to me. It’s truly a remarkable experience. One that I would be honoured to walk with you. 

Leia Swanberg.