Top 7 Ways to Endure The Two Week Wait

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How to prepare for the Two week wait?

Intended parents often ask for advice about waiting out the Two Week wait, and how to stay sane during the time between embryo transfer into your Surrogate, and pregnancy test.

Here are my Top Seven Ways:

-Stay busy, but mindful. When going about your busy times, send some positive energy in your Surrogates direction. Even sending her a check in text, to see how she’s doing.

– Eat, and Eat some more. Eating good, whole food will help you stay balanced. Avoiding to much sugar, or caffeine will help you stay on an even keel, and avoid the sugar highs and lows which can play tricks on our emotions.

– Find a friend  that you can check in with, if you find yourself being overly clingy with your Surrogate. That way you are checking in with your Surrogate, but not smothering her.

-Write a letter to that little embryo to tuck away, that way you will have it as a memento to share when he/she is growing up!

-Dream………Sometimes the area of daydreaming is dismissed as silly, when it often is a great way to set intentions, and Plan for the 9 months ahead.

-Stay grounded. Even with some fun day dreaming, remember not all transfers are successful, so being cautiously optimistic is what we suggest.

– Get lots of Rest. You will need it. Whether it’s this transfer, or the next, that works, Parenting is hard work!