This Father’s Day- Lifestyle may be the key

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When Canadian Fertility Consultants works with traditional married couples, or men in same sex relationships, our advice for conception is the same.  Often, after a minimum of one year of Trying To Conceive (TTC), through traditional methods, or those considering gestational surrogacy/donor egg and IVF, couples contact us to discuss their options.  Often, men are under the assumption that starting a family when it’s time will happen without any problems. After all, the mechanics of getting pregnant seem to work fine, and there are no obvious problems. We quickly explain to them that research is suggesting that Male Factor Infertility may be the cause of approximately half of all cases of infertility.

AT CFC, we suggest that Men use Father’s Day as a reminder to adopt New Healthy Habits, as they begin the Family Building Process.

Healthy Habits for Men that will Increase the odds of Conception

Whether you are just starting, or have been trying for some time to get pregnant, there are lifestyle changes that can make an impact.

Male Infertility and lifestyle factors

Daily habits can threaten male fertility, and your chances for conception. Men that use tobacco products, recreational drugs, or consume large amounts of alcohol can find themselves at higher risk.

An unhealthy diet and limited exercise can also lead to sperm disorders.

Working environments can also play a part in male infertility, especially for men regularly exposed to heat, chemicals, or even a stressful workplace.

DNA damage in sperm

How well a sperm swims is known as motility. In a fertile man, at least 25 per cent of sperm cells should be ‘rapidly progressive’ – moving fast enough and in the right direction to reach the egg.

Poor motility is a sign of sperm DNA damage, or fragmentation, caused by highly reactive substances called free radicals.

Getting the right nutrients

Foods such as fruit, vegetables and whole grains are important because they are rich in antioxidants, which inhibit the free radicals that can damage sperm DNA.

But it’s not so much about eating specific foods as having a healthy diet overall.Lots of vitamins and minerals, such as vitamins C and E, and zinc and selenium are needed for healthy sperm.

Make it a Happy Father’s Day with Proactive Fertility Habits

Adopting healthy habits and knowing the risk factors for male fertility can improve your chances at becoming a Dad. Take Father’s Day as a day to reflect on your Healthy Lifestyle, and come up with a few ways to improve that lifestyle, to ensure that you are doing all that you can to increase your fertility. We also suggest booking an appointment with a Fertility clinic to have further testing done, to rule out any issues that may be affecting your chances at success.

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