Thinking about Surrogacy- Questions to Consider?

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intended parents - top 10 questions

intended parents – top 10 questions

Top 10 Questions to ask yourself if you are considering Surrogacy

We often suggest that Intended parents ask themselves these 10 Questions, before pursuing a Gestational Surrogacy.

  1. Have you found a fertility clinic to help you with your Surrogacy, if so have they medically cleared you to proceed?
  2. Who will represent you legally- Has your agency/consultant suggested interviewing more than one lawyer?
  3. Is this the right timing for you, your spouse.  Is your partnership/marriage in a good place?
  4. Will you ask a family member, or friend, or work with an agency?
  5. Have you looked into the financial costs associated with Surrogacy?  Is it something you can manage?
  6. What are your expectations on Selective reduction/termination for medical abnormalities?
  7. How involved do you want to be during the process? Going to Dr.’s Appointments, ultrasounds, or getting together throughout the pregnancy?
  8. How do you feel about your Surrogate being public about the journey- Use of Social media, facebook, and other sites?
  9. What are your criteria for a Surrogate- location, age, number of kids, single/married?
  10. If your eggs/sperm aren’t healthy- would you consider using an egg or sperm donor?

For further Questions on the Surrogacy process, and things to consider, please email our office 613 439 8701, OR email us at .  Our staff would be more than happy to set up a time to meet with you to discuss how asking yourselves these questions will help you, in finding the RIGHT Surrogate.