All The Things Surrogates Wish You Knew About Surrogacy

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I had the opportunity this week to speak with some surrogates in our program about what they wish the general public knew about surrogacy! Frequently at conferences and events all over the world we come face to face with many people who do not understand how surrogacy, or surrogacy in Canada really works. It is amazing to be able to tell them, and inform them, on the altruistic nature of surrogacy in Canada and the amazing hearts of the women undertaking surrogacy journeys.

It isn’t my eggs, so the baby will not resemble me. That with fertility issues on the rise we need more women to help out others to give the ultimate gift. ” – N

“Just because my tubes are tied, does not mean I cannot carry a pregnancy.” – E

“That we really don’t need the negative criticism. My body, my beliefs, my passions, my own reasons, my choice.” – C

“That it isn’t our baby. We’re just lending out our uterus for 9ish months. My mother is a foster parent, and the way I explained it to her is that it’s no different than we are fostering a baby…it just hasn’t been born yet.”- D

” it’s not genetically related to us when going down the gestational surrogacy road! We are giving the baby…that isn’t ours…back! We have the biggest hearts and souls. So don’t look at us like we are some rare kind of monsters.” – K

“More people in your life than you realize have struggled with some form of infertility. As a surrogate, I chose this journey to be a voice and a solution. I chose this journey to bring the happiness, love and joy that so many may take for granted and that so many dream of having. I chose this journey to do something I have been able to do well for myself, and turn it into my purpose.Be a voice, take the stigma away from something so beautiful!”- J


“Definitely the money part! It’s like people automatically think I’m doing it for a quick buck and the first question is always “so how much are you getting paid for this” drives me absolutely nuts! I’m doing this because I love being a mother, it’s the greatest joy in my life. It hurts my heart so much that people struggle so hard to become parents and I’m doing this not for myself and what I can get out of it, I’m doing this so someone can have a family. That’s it! Also it’s not some sketchy set up. There are requirements, medical screening, counselling, lawyers, so much involved in it all. Another thing, the whole “but what about your kids?!” Well it’s a great opportunity to show my kids how wonderful it is to help others any way you can!” – L


“That we aren’t giving our children away.” – L

“I’m not heartlessly giving away my child” – C

“This is the best life lesson and gift I’ve given my children!” – A


“There is a HUGE need for more selfless women to help create families….and we don’t get paid!” – C

“We aren’t in it for the money. No one is getting rich off of being a surrogate, unless you mean rich with pride and love.” – C

“We aren’t getting paid.” – L


I’m not doing it for the money, I’m doing it so someone else can feel the same love I do when I look at my children.” – M

“How much I have taught my children about selflessness and love, by helping mommy create families they are becoming better people.” – J

“How life changing such a selfless act can be for yourself and your family!  How empowering, rewarding, thankful and proud you feel when you make someone else a parent and knowing that without you (and amazing others like you) it just wouldn’t be possible. Its a journey like no other….guaranteed!” -M

“Surrogacy is one of the most greatest experience on earth, giving someone else the chance to having the joy of being parents is something that has no words, is beautiful, magical and priceless.” – D

“No, I’m not stupid. Yes I know what I’m doing. Yes I know the pros and cons. And yes, I still signed up.” – R