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When I became an adult I wasn’t really a part of any specialized groups or activities. I had my friends and I was very happy in my life. When I became a mom a lot changed. Not only was my identity changing but my friend dynamic and feelings of being understood and heard. I was the only one of my friends to have a baby and to no fault of their own they just didn’t understand what I was going through. My friend invited me to a moms group and while I was nervous I was excited to meet some new people. I feel like going to that group was one of the first amazing things I did as a parent. For myself and my baby. To be surrounded by people who understand you, your pain, your motives, your joys, your heart made me feel not so alone.

In our Sacred Surrogacy retreats this is exactly the kind of community we want to be creating. Surrogacy is still not understood by most people and sometimes you feel like you are constantly trying to stand up for yourself.
“Why would you give away your baby?”
“You’re doing it for the money”
“If I was your husband I would never allow you to do that”
“Two men shouldn’t be having babies”
Believe it or not these are phrases surrogates hear daily from family, friends and even strangers.

Being at our retreat allows women to speak openly about how they are feeling without the fear of being belittled or ridiculed. They are surrounded by people who understand their generous heart and hold space for those who are having a hard time or a magical journey. Everyone also has the opportunity to be honored and honor one another.

sacred surrogacy sisterhood

The power of understanding and community is important in all aspects of life. But the profound effect we see it play in the lives of the surrogates that attend makes our hearts smile.

Nici Shipway
Sacred Surrogacy for Surrogates, Donors & Intended Parents