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There is this moment, a moment where time seems to freeze. The moment as a Surrogate gives one last push or slice. The moment where every needle, every fear, every bit of excitement, every roller coaster emotion makes it all worth it.

SurrogacyI’ve had the pleasure of attending many births of Surrogates and each moment is the same. As I hold the surrogates hand and the baby slides out, I always gaze over to the new parents faces. Every time it is the same. Pure joy, pure bliss, pure magic.

And then I look back to the surrogate and her face is the same. She is on cloud nine. So proud, happy and overwhelmed with what she accomplished for another human.

A gift that can never be relayed. She has gifted a lifetime of joy, happiness, tears, heartbreak and bliss. If I could bottle up this moment in time and sell it as a perfume I would.

One of the moments that stood out to me in Paris last week was this same look. The magic moment look. An intended father with twin girls spotted me from across the room and came barreling over to me with arms wide open for a hug. His look was the same. Pure
joy, pure bliss, pure magic. It had been months since he welcomed his girls but the look was the same.

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How magical is it there are women who are able to continue to gift this moment in time daily to hopeful parents?

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