The time had come………A Surrogates birth story

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surrogate delivery blog post

Surrogate birth story- guest blog post

The time had come.

Everything appeared ready for the big day.

I waited patiently for the call for induction. Even though I knew baby wasn’t coming home with me I experienced nesting that day 🙂 I cleaned every aspect of my house minus the oven. So that at 2pm when the hospital called it was with sweet relief. I called my IP’s and let them know the ball was rolling but slowly.

While at the maternity ward, they placed me in an assessment room and I ‎listed to babies heart beat and had some blood drawn. My ever smiling Dr came in and inserted the Foley catheter, patted my leg and suggested I go home and rest. Never one to be told what to do, I held DH’s hand and off we walked for 5kms knowing that with the pressure on my cervix and the help of gravity things may progress quicker.

Contractions started at 4pm.

IP’s arrived. Oh the nerves were evident in their demeanor and their faces but they finally believed this was really going to happen for them.

My good friend came to the house, which was great as she had already provided another dimension of support to this already fantastic pregnancy thus far. She brought smiles, foot rubs and conversation when I didn’t feel like talking and helped ease the IP’s nervousness.

DH and IF went to go grab some dinner around 6pm for us as I didn’t feel like eating at a restaurant as we had originally planned. Immediately after they left, I went to the washroom where the Foley catheter fell out. I called DH and told them to hurry along. Called the hospital and alerted them of the change. IM was unsure of what any of this meant and was quite quick to suggest I continue to sit down.

Dinner arrived only to be set aside and we went to the hospital at 7pm.

In the assessment room, babies heart rate was beautiful. The contractions were still consistent and I was feeling them much more.

8pm, the OB arrives and asks to break my water. I was 2 cm’s dilated. What a gross, disappointing feeling but really what about labor is pleasant? Still with my friend, another had come and joined us bringing chatter and her camera‎ while IP’s and DH seemed to hang out more in the waiting room. IM would come into the room often and ask how I was doing but her nerves were taking the best of her with every hour passing. I was quickly getting tired of reassuring her that everything was okay while dealing with the contractions. Thankfully my friends were my voice when I needed them to be.

9:30pm. OB checked me. I was 4cms dilated and I asked for the epidural.

They moved us into the labor and delivery room and I met Tanya our fabulous nurse for the night.‎ IP’s, DH and my friends made themselves comfy on the settee in the room behind the curtain while I labored quietly but with nausea and back pain in my own corner of the room. I could hear them chatting and laughing and I desperately wanted to be a part of this, so I again asked for the relief of the epidural.

11:23pm to be exact, I met the Dr with the wonder drug. I got my epidural. The pain was gradually fading away but with that relief came more nausea and low blood pressure that made me sleepy.

IP’s were troopers and stayed in the room the whole time. One friend had to leave while the other stayed. And my loving DH was by side as much as possible. The Dr checked me again and I was still only 4cms dilated. I settled in for a nap, disappointed in myself and my body thinking this was going to take awhile.

12:30am. My nurse asks to check me. Sometimes having a full bladder can inhibit labor so she wanted to use a catheter to relieve my pressure. As she asked me to open my legs, imagine everyone’s surprise when she said babies head was right there and asked that whatever I do, don’t push.‎ I wasn’t going to push, I didn’t feel a thing. She called the Dr in and set the bed up for delivery. IP’s assumed the position with DH at my head. My friend, a trooper grabbed one of my legs while the nurse had my other and upon instructions from my OB I birthed at 1:01am a beautiful baby girl. My IP’s were quietly in disbelief but immediately so in love.

I felt an immediate warmth come over me. Watching this family being created with so much heartbreak, stress and worry turning into love, blessings and contentment as IF awkwardly held his first born. It was amazing and exactly what I had hoped I would experience as a Surrogate.

I’d do it again in an instant, just to see love blossom like it did that day in the wee hours of the morning.

– Corrie

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