#SurrogateRealTalk: Why I Picked My Intended Parents

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I got a chance to ask surrogates in our private Facebook group about why they had chosen their intended parents, and what that process was like!

S- The second I watched their profile video, I knew they were the right couple for me. It was just a feeling I got from their story and intentions. 

S- They seemed like mirror images of my husband and I, on the other side of the world. It was an instant connection.

R-They seemed to have the same values as myself & my family and their profile painted a picture of a loving down to earth couple 💙

T-We just clicked! Everything seemed right and honestly we as a family love him!

S- I liked them after reading their profile, but it was meeting them in person that was the defining moment. Instant connection and I knew I wanted to give them a baby 

J- I was drawn to my IF’s. Everything from their bio to their cute pictures. I just knew they were the right guys. We connected the first day and they felt the exact same way I did. They said that we were meant to be, it was destiny, and I couldn’t agree more with them.  You just know! I’m loving every part of this journey and so glad to have these amazing guys added to my family.

T- After reading their profile they seemed so layed back & down to earth. Then once we met and spent some real time together we realized how much like us they were. If we had met under different circumstances we would have been instant friends & now we are family 

B- After watching my IF’s video and tearing up and then talking to him and emailing him I knew it was him that my journey was to be with. We shared so many similarities and we have truly become family!! 

M-I seen their picture and I knew it was fate. Kind of like when you first lay eyes on the person you are destined to spend the rest of your life with. I love them so much. Such a sweet couple!

J-  I read a previous profile but it didn’t feel like the right fit. Then I was sent my IFs video and at the very end they had “bloopers” and i just knew they were meant to be matched with me. They were looking for everything that I was 

K- Upon my first email with my first set of IF’s their humor came through and it was just my kind of humor. As soon as we Skype’d for the first time and had to say, ‘whoa time for bed we have been talking for over 2 hours’ I knew they were perfect and we would become great friends and family.  My second set of IP’s (current) I felt drawn to them and their story and, well I know it may sound odd, but our mutual love for not only dogs but Bernese. I knew right then that I needed to meet them and it has been like having a whole new sister to chat with and plan outings.

J-For me it was literally the second I saw their photo.

L- I wanted a couple that wanted a relationship with me during and afterwards, and a couple I could just picture being great parents, who are also very close with their family. My IFs are amazingly sweet, smart, sensitive and lets face it…they are also easy on the eyes haha. I just know, without a second thought, that they will be great parents, and that baby will have an amazing large extended family as well. And they have full intentions of staying in touch afterwards. They pretty much had my full commitment after I read their profile. They are just perfect to do this journey with.

I-  I picked my ips because they were amazing we talked every day since being matched … 4 days later then come down from a 9 hour drive to meet me in person… we shed some tears together we talked about y I wanted to do this we talked about the length of their process which led us to each other …. they wanted to transfer two and I was on bored because I thought it would be neat to try out a twin pregnancy …. both took the first try they were there for me every step of the way as I was for them … we were a team we became extended family right from the beginning … the twins r a year old now and we still keep in contact I get to see the babies and receive pictures … making this journey even greater as I had to be very open minded to change …. I couldn’t have asked for better …. and hoping to reunite with my intended fathers after the birth of my son to do it all over again because my second match for my second journey we were just right again … I thank cfc for sending me two sets of deserving ips and making the first for both journeys amazing I love being a surrogate and I plan to continue in the future … ❤️ love this sisterhood and all the love and support to help carry through this amazing journey and path in my life.

N- As soon as I read their profile I felt like it was meant to be. I was so nervous that they wouldn’t like me. After our first Skype and a few emails I really knew they were the ones. I had a previous match that fell through and I’m so glad it happened as I couldn’t be happier. We have developed such a strong relationship that is still going after my surro baby was born.

K- Their bio and the smiles on their faces drew me in. The very first email had me knowing it was meant to be. Already so many big and little things in common, that grew to more and more things during our first Skype. ” Match made in heaven, welcome to our family” is what they said to me. Its amazing how fast a person can deeply start caring for another. This whole experience is pure love and magic! 

C-  I saw their video and we had so many things in common. The first Skype call we had we just clicked. We all knew we had the perfect match from that moment on! After a full year of ups and downs, these men are my brothers, they are family and my kids adore them!

E- I just knew that they were my people. And they felt the same way!