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In our second instalment of our Surrogate Real Talk series we introduce you to Chantelle!



  1. Tell us a little about yourself!

I am Chantelle, I’m a mother of two beautiful little girls ages 4 and 5. I am on my second surrogacy journey, and last August I gave birth to a beautiful little girl. I live in Hamilton, and am married to my wonderful husband.


  1. Why did you choose to become a Surrogate?

Originally I decided to become a surrogate because my aunt and uncle had fertility issues, and seeing that I realized that I wanted to help them or someone have kids. However, when I signed up they didn’t want the help anymore, but I continued the sign up process. I later decided to do a second journey, because of how heartwarming, and emotional it was when my previous intended parents met their little baby for the first time, and how important and cherished they made me feel. I still have a picture of my intended fathers in that moment of meeting their new baby, the reason for this is because it reminds me of how magical the experience is.


  1. Why did you choose CFC?

I think I chose CFC because I began doing a lot of research on my own, and then an ad for CFC kept popping up on Facebook and I clicked on it. I started my application and then stopped in the middle to discuss this process with my spouse, I then finished my application and figured it would take months to find a match, but due to CFC’s efficiency and dedicated work I was matched within two weeks.


  1. What are your Intended Parents like?

My intended parents are extremely amazing, very fun, loving and outgoing. They’re extremely similar to me and my husband which is a strong reason why I was so attracted to them. When we met them for the first time we really hit it off and got along so well! They are always concerned about me, and care about how I’m doing, and are always supportive and hardworking.


  1. How did you pick them?

I originally picked them because I saw an adorable bow tie video, which helped make my decision on being re-matched. The video was of them wearing these cute bowties, it captured my heart with the way they finish each other’s sentences as well.


  1. What does Sisterhood mean to you?

To me sisterhood means respect, always knowing there is someone on the other end that it there for you no matter what. If you have a problem no matter how big or small, it becomes everyone’s problem and are real. They always help you get through all the rough times, and ensure the feeling that you are never alone, no matter what the issue is.


  1. What stage of your journey are you at?

I am waiting for second betas, 4 weeks and 5 days pregnant!


  1. What was the medications like?

I actually did a natural cycle this time, meaning I just had injections but none of the hormone therapy or estrogen.


  1. What was transfer like?

I honestly felt like I as at a spa! In San Diego the clinic is beautiful and the staff are amazing. I was very nervous because of doing a natural cycle this time, as well as previously failing two transfers with my first journey. The entire time I was hoping for the best, but the entire time I was nervous.


  1. How do you feel about the future?

So far I feel really good, my first Betas were really high, which is a good sign. The guys are so supportive they message me each day, and really take care and respect my needs. They are just the best, and make me feel as if I was family.



  1. If you could describe the process thus far with one word, what would it be, and why?

I would describe the process thus far as an emotional rollercoaster: It is a lot of different emotions moving around, such as being happy, being sad, scared, and simply moments of unknown. There is a lot of times where you’re anxious and want things to move faster but you do have to wait and be patient. There are so many different feelings you feel, which makes it extremely hard at times.