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This past weekend CFC hosted 32 of our Ontario based surrogates, in Brighton Ontario, for a Sacred Pregnancy Retreat. We started planning this Retreat in July, as we wanted to ensure that it was a Sacred, and blessed event, allowing our Surrogates to connect with their Surrogate Sisters in a truly meaningful way. The weekend started by CFCs staff welcoming our ladies with Swag bags filled to the brim with amazing pregnancy related products. It’s our mission that our Surrogates have a Sacred Space to fully enjoy the beauty of pregnancy. We then went on to host unbelievable food, Henna, a Blessingway, Saltbowl, Holipowder, and some serious one on one time sharing in the Sisterhood that we so deeply cherish at CFC. Some quotes from our surrogates:

“You brought us ladies together. It was a weekend of enrichment, strength, love, and empowerment. I have walked away feel energized and ready for my next journey. Thank you for all you do for us we could not do this without you”.

“I walked away feeling cherished, loved, and truly amazing. I needed this weekend so much more than I knew”. “Thank you for such a great weekend. It truly confirmed that I could never imagine doing my journey without your support”.

It is clear that our girls walked away feeling honored, full of love and support. W are so happy to have shared in this weekend with our Surrogates, and couldn’t imagine the outpouring of LOVE that came from this event. At CFC we are inspired daily by our Surrogates, and their commitment to each other, through the bond of their Sisterhood. We would like to Thank the Intended parents, Fertility clinics, and Lawyers who sponsored aspects of this amazing event! We look forward to hosting Retreats in Alberta, BC, and again in Ontario throughout the year. Thank you for your contribution- The Surrogates greatly appreciated having your support!

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