Surrogate Mothers – Bring on the Two Week wait!!!

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Surrogate Mothers – yesterday I had the great pleasure of being able to attend an embryo transfer, with my one of my surrogates Melissa. Her intended parents weren’t able to come, so she had a friend, and me to be her cheering squad. We sat and waited for her to be called, all the while making idle chit chat, talking about possible due dates, upcoming pregnancy tests, and of course the DREADED two week wait.

For those of you who are new to the ivf world, and wonder what I mean by the Two week wait, here is my best explanation. The two week wait is the two weeks between the embryo transfer, and pregnancy test. It is an exciting, but often agonizing time, as both the Surrogate, and intended parents are on pins and needles, wondering if every little twinge is embryo implantation, or on the flip side, embryos being rejected.

The lead up to the embryo transfer is filled with various medications, both oral tablets, and intra muscular injections that the surrogate must take, and continue to take for the first twelve weeks of pregnancy. The embryo payday loans transfer itself only took five minutes, after we all got settled into the room. Dr Librach came in to quickly review the plan, number of embryos, as well as the what if’s that can occur with more that one embryo being transferred. After Melissa signed off on the procedure, we all watched with held breath, the embryos on the screen, intended parents name on the petrie dish, and then on the other flat screen TV, the embryos being inserted into Melissa’s uterus. It was that quick, a five minute moment, that seemed to stop time, and take hours, as we concentrated on how amazing this process truly was.

The procedure ended, and Melissa laid their quietly for another while, catching her breath, and giving those embryos a little time to settle into their new Nine month home.

Thank you Melissa, for allowing me to share your special moment with you,