Surrogate Mothers: #Surro #Sunday

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Surrogate mothers – every Sunday we will be posting photos that our Surrogates have sent us, of moments in their journey that were pivotal.  The below picture to most of the world is just a pregnancy test, but to those who are TTC, or the Surrogates who are helping them, it means something quite different.  This small white, plastic stick, symbolizes HOPE!!!  It means that the countless injections, pills, ultrasounds, Dr’s visits, were all worth it. Surrogate Mothers!!!

The best days for me start like this,

Phone Rings

Me: Hello

Surro : Hi Leia, I know its early, but I wanted to test, but didnt want to do it alone.  Do you mind if I pee, with you on the phone??

Me: No, that’s fine

Surro:  Oh my god!!!!  Theres a line, a line, a line!!!  It worked, it really worked!!!

Me: Of course it did, your a Rockstar Surrogate!!!

Surro: Okay, going to call the Intended Parents

Me: Tell them congrats from me

These pictures never get old, and in fact I save them as screensavers, so that on the days we dont get positive news, I can look back, and remember, that Miracles do happen, and that we need not take anything in life for granted.