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Canadian fertility Consulting An unexpected delivery

Surrogacy in Canada : it was last Thursday when I got the call from Anna, she was in labour, which of course is always the most exciting time for the Surrogate, as the finish line is in sight. Our office loves to get these calls, as we know that typically within the day, a baby/ies will be here.  A family will be created, and a Surrogate will have given the ultimate gift.

I asked Anna if she had notified the intended parents, and if her Midwife was on her way to check her, prior to heading to the hospital.  Both intended parents, and the midwife were in fact on their way to Anna’s house.  During this call Anna seemed to be in quite a bit of pain, heavily breathing for most of the call, so I called the intended parents who were getting packed up, for the three hour drive to Anna’s.  I suggested that they may want to get on the road a little faster than initially planned, as it didn’t sound like Anna was going to be in labour for long.

The day passed, and I became busy with other things, and had lost track of time.  When I finally looked at the clock, several hours had passed, and I hadn’t heard back from Anna.  I called to check in, and to see how labour was progressing.  The Intended Mom answered the phone, which immediately caught me off guard.  “Shannon, is that you??”  Yes, it’s me.  I’m here with Anna, and our baby.  “Oh my goodness, that was fast”.  Yes, it really was.  Shannon went on to explain to me that when she got to Anna’s to head to the hospital, it was too late, baby Matthew was already on his way into the world.  Anna didn’t want to head to the hospital without her intended parents, and so she stayed put, with the midwife, and doula by her side.  Shannon was in awe of her little miracle- Five years in the making, after countless rounds of iui, ivf cycles, he was finally here.  She spent the next twenty minutes recounting every moment of his birth, including her husband cutting the cord, her immediately breastfeeding, it all sounded just amazing, but I needed to know how Anna was.

Shannon passed the phone to Anna.  I could only imagine how tired Anna was, but I needed to know she was okay.  Anna came to the phone, sounding tired, but so happy, I again heard every detail of the birth, and how amazed she was by the entire process.  I was so relieved.  It is in that pause of my asking “how are you” to the surrogate answering, “I’m okay” that panic sets in.  I always want her to be okay.  What if she isn’t okay?, then what?  She was okay, thankfully!

It is in these moments, that I am truly inspired, that I am truly speechless.  How could I not being doing this job?  How could I not be sharing in this most amazing moment with intended parents, and the gestational carriers that give life to their dream.

Thank you Anna, Shannon, and Doug for allowing me to share in this most unconventional, and amazing journey.

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*names have been changed to respect the confidentiality of all parties.