Surrogacy in Canada – Is Surrogacy Right for You?

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Is Surrogacy For You?

Surrogacy in Canada – Thank you so much for considering surrogacy, as an amazing way to help another person/couple build or grow their family. The information listed below is to help you, as a Surrogate, think about the different situations that may come up, and to help you decide if this will be a healthy decision for you and your family.

*Pregnancy, and getting pregnant can be a long process lasting a year or longer. Are you ready to make that commitment?

*Do you think that emotionally you will be able to stay focused, knowing that this child is going to be handed over at birth?

*Do you have someone that can give you the daily, and sometimes painful injections required, or could you do them yourself?

*Is your family going to be able to support you throughout this process?

*Is your schedule flexible to allow for the many doctors appointments?

*Are you prepared for the possibility of being put on strict bed rest if pregnancy complications were to arise?

*Are you prepared to carry a multiple pregnancy? In Canada the rate of twins through surrogacy IVF is twenty-five (25%).

*Would you be willing to selectively reduce or terminate if a doctor advises?

*Are you willing to take the risk of your health and life if serious complications were to arise?

All of these issues are “what if’s” and are not necessarily related to Surrogate pregnancies only. This information is provided to ensure that you have considered how a pregnancy may affect your current lifestyle, and how you and your family will be able to cope should any issues arise.

Please speak to your Surrogate Coordinator for more information on the risks associated with fertility medications, as well as the surrogacy process itself. We at CFC know that it is through knowledge and a commitment to the process that families are created in a most amazing way!