Steps to building a Successful Surrogacy

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Surrogacy in Canada

Many clients ask CFC, What the first steps are to building their family through Surrogacy.  Here is a  list of Next Steps, as you begin to research Surrogacy, as a viable family building option.

  1. Find the Professional team to work with, to help you along the way- Including the Fertility clinic, Lawyers, and Surrogate agency, if you decide to go that route.
  2. Check the surrogacy laws in the area in which you live, and then determine where would best suit, for your surrogate to be located.
  3. Do not work with an agency that does not respect Canadian laws-Including introduction of Surrogates free of charge, as well as no upfront fees.
  4. When looking at Surrogate profiles, pay attention to the surrogate’s support system and spouse. It is important to make sure they will be truly supportive, and understand what is expected of the surrogate, so she isn’t on her own.
  5. Talk to your Surrogate, or her agency, to find out how the potential Surrogate feels about selective reduction/termination, and other items that may be deal breakers.
  6. If possible, meet and spend time with your surrogate, ahead of time, so you are able to make the best decision moving forward with a match.
  7. When you do start communicating with a Surrogate, be open, share your feelings and expectations of the relationship you are building
  8. Find your supports- whether its friends, family, a counselor, or your spouse- lean on those who can be there for you during this journey

Most importantly, going into this with an open heart, and willingness to connect with the wonderful woman who will forever change your life, while her life is also changed through this amazing gift!

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