My Surrogacy experience, from Intended to Mom

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This morning I opened my email to a great surprise- An article that one of our Intended parents wrote, and asked me to post on our blog, sharing her experience in finding the great Mom, who not only became her Surrogate, but also her dear friend.

My name is Janice, and as I write this, I’m sitting with my three month old daughter in my lap, watching this crazy snowy weather.   It was just about 18 months ago our story began.  I was introduced to Leia, through a friend of mine who had used her services before- finding an egg donor.  When I met with Leia, I brought a list of questions, and criteria that I had in terms of looking for a Surrogate.  It wasn’t until 30 minutes into the consultation that I realized my criteria didn’t matter, that she ate organic, or drank filtered water, lived in a great neighborhood, and had access to the best High risk OB’s in the city, that wasn’t going to be important.

What would be important is that I partnered with a woman who shared my common values around pregnancy, selective reduction, termination for abnormalities, and most importantly, a woman who would allow me to care for her- in order for it to feel like I was part of the pregnancy.  Attending Dr’s appt’s, introducing her to my accupuncturist, and most of all her being open to my overall state of craziness!!!

I was crazy, throughout much of the pregnancy.  I panicked often, and I’m sure drove my surrogate, her husband, and Dr crazy.  Lena our surrogate was patient with me, and kept reminding me that “everything would be okay”.  Idon’t think I believed her, but in the end, she was right.

Lena lived about 2.5 hours outside of the city in a little small town, with an alright Dr, who ended up being much more than alright, when it came to calming my nerves.  Lena’s husband was also a fantastic support to us- the husbands bonded over Hockey, and I’m sure over our craziness, mine about the pregnancy, and Lena’s about my craziness too!!

Anyways, I wanted to share my experience from Intended parent, to Mom, as it was a tough road, but the toughest part in hindsight was getting out of my own way, in order to see to the heart of the amazing woman who would help me finally become a Mother.

I’m not one to give advice, but would like to share with all potential Moms out there, that it is truly possible to achieve the dream of motherhood- through Trust, care, and commitment to the amazing woman who you will share in this journey with.

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