Surrogacy Canada – Question: I’m feeling really alone on my journey to become a Mom, how can I find support?

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Answer: That’s a great question, and one that we get asked often. We often suggest joining a Support Group, and here’s why.

Surrogacy Canada – Support Group : One of the most beneficial reasons for joining a support group is decreasing the sense of isolation that so many people feel when they are experiencing fertility challenges. In a support group you’ll be supported while expressing feelings of anger, guilt, and sadness, as others in the group have likely dealt with these feelings on their journeys.

Couples who are having difficulty communicating with each other about their infertility struggles can often gain a better understanding of their partners’ reactions to infertility and learn how to support each other during times of stress.

Members can benefit from enhanced self-esteem when they improve their coping skills. Enhanced self-esteem often spills over into other areas of participants lives- helping them to deal with other life stresses that come up.

CFC suggests to clients that finding support, whether within your own Social circle, or through Support groups, often offered by your fertility clinic. Sharing your journey is often a great way to connect with others, and a Support group is a great way to connect.