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I’d like to introduce myself as a new surrogate blogger for CFC. I’m a gestational surrogate, who after an amazing first journey with CFC, has decided to do it again.

I will be sharing my journey on a weekly basis, start to finish, and hope you enjoy coming along on this adventure with me.

So far I’ve matched with an amazing couple and am starting the ever so fun screening process.

Last week I skyped with my new intended parents- LOVE them and can’t wait to work with them.

This week I am booking my counselling session, and starting birth control pills to manage my cycle. My intended parents are using an egg donor so it’s important my cycle matches up before we can do a transfer.

We are also starting the process of updating a legal document that outlines all of our roles and responsibilities before, during and after the surrogacy. Always important to cover your bases and make sure everything is in black and white.

Today I went to continue the process known as ‘screening” aka making sure I am a good candidate and fit to be a surrogate for this amazing family!

I had four pages of tests that I will have to take. Both blood and urine. Safety is so important I know first hand they take my health very seriously and the health of the family’s future baby.

Luckily I have no fear of needles (I work with blood in my line of work and I am 100% OK with it!).

I checked in at lifelabs and after a short wait I was ready to go!

Countless vials of blood (actually I think it was 8) and 20-60 ML of urine later I am one step closer to getting approved as a surrogate. So exciting!

The tests will likely take a few days to process (patience isn’t my strong point, unfortunately) and hopefully everything will come up all clear.

Phew, lots going on and lots more to come before we can even start trying to get pregnant. I’ll keep you posted every step of the way.

Next week I’ll talk a bit more about why I decided to do a second surrogacy and how I matched with my new intended parents!

Until next week-