Setting Intentions Sacred Ritual

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This sacred ritual is here to accompany you on your surrogacy journey. During this first ritual, it’s important to set aside 30 minutes, to ensure that you are allowing time for any feelings that may arise.

Sound is extremely useful and important in helping prepare our minds for mindful movements. We have shared our favourite for this exercise.

Today I’d encourage you to begin intention setting.  Allowing yourself to have Hope, doesn’t mean you are abandoning the pain that’s gotten you here, it simply means you are acknowledging the pain, all while finding Joy in a ritual that will serve you as you move forward from a place of Love.

Here is what you’ll need
  • Small jar of honey
  • 4×4 inch paper
  • Pen
  • Scotch tape
Step 1

Grab a piece of paper that’s 4″ x 4″s or so, a pen, and a small piece of scotch tape.

Step 2

play the audio provided above this will help bring your focus to this mindful exercise. Now start writing, all of the intentions for your journey.

Some examples may include:

  • To find a surrogate
  • To grow a deep, intimate relationship w, my partner, as we go through this journey
  • To have a selection of healthy embryos to choose from.

Step 3

Fold paper and tape to the bottom of the honey jar, and place it in the wonder in your home that gets the most light through it. The reason for honey is it serves as a sweet reminder of the loving intentions you are setting. Honey, it heals. We know that unpasteurized honey has been used as wound care for 100s of years and often to get to the intentions, to really set them, there is a gentle healing that is needed.

If, and when anything comes up, we suggest just gently noticing, maybe writing in your journal, so that you can come back to it, at a later time.

For now, I’m sending Love, joy, and the true healing you deserve.