Sacred Surrogacy and CFC: Another Year of Surrogacy Retreats in 2020

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Canadian Fertility Consultants and Sacred Surrogacy will deliver 20 Retreats to Surrogates across Canada in 2020

Surrogacy is the most unique and beautiful right of passage that a woman can participate in, we encourage you to Fall in Love with the Journey”— Leia Swanberg

COBOURG, ONTARIO, CANADA, November 19, 2019 / — Canadian Fertility Consulting, and Sacred Surrogacy are excited to announce a New Retreat Model for Canadian Surrogates in 2020. Founder Leia Swanberg shared with us that this new model will provide more opportunities to meet Surrogates located in smaller communities that until now didn’t have access to Retreats. Instead of the Retreat Weekend model, which they held 6 of each year, this new Model will be run as One day Retreats, and 20 of these events will occur, in cities such as Kelowna, British Columbia, Red Deer Alberta, Calgary Alberta, Winnipeg, Manitoba, as far east as Halifax Nova Scotia. The Sacred Surrogacy Organization will partner with Canadian Fertility Consultants, to ensure that these Retreats provide the largest Impact and are in locations that until now have not been served by the program. Last year the BBC filmed a Documentary at one of the weekend Retreats, and since there have been journalists who have become fascinated by the Sacred Surrogacy movement, and the way in which it has changed the narrative of Gestational Surrogacy.

When participants have been asked how these Retreats, as well as other Self care products, meditations, and Support received by the program has Impacted their Journeys, the majority of the women engaged were very positive, and have said that it has been one of the reasons that they have been so committed not only to the process, but with the women that they have met along the way.

While Surrogacy is still somewhat controversial, Canadian Fertility Consultants, and Sacred Surrogacy are committed to re framing this process, and providing Education, Information, and Support to those who are entering into what they call a Soul Contract, a Beautiful Right of Passage, one that leaves a beautiful heart print for years to come.

For more information on Sacred Surrogacy, and the Services that they provide to Surrogates around the globe, or to simply learn more about the process, please reach out through the websites, or

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