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Next month, Angie Campeau, our Surrogacy support worker, and I will be travelling to Newmarket Ontario where we will be taking part in a Sacred Pregnancy instructors Retreat.  Sacred Pregnancy is an amazing movement that Honours women, pregnancy, childbirth, new motherhood, and health generally.  It is an amazing honour to be sharing in this with Angie, and I am so looking forward to our time together there.

For CFC, one of our core beliefs is  Creating a Sisterhood, and honouring our Surrogates in their rightful place.  For CFC we continually strive to create a Sacred space for each woman that enters our Sisterhood, that we are here for them in whatever way we can be.  Our support can be as simple as attending appointments, helping with receipt management, or more specifically creating a space in which they can becoming stronger, and grow as a woman as they walk this amazing path of pregnancy.

As Angie and I spend this five days at the Sacred Pregnancy retreat, we will be reflecting on, building upon, and growing our belief that Surrogates are to be honoured as they grow through this process.

This retreat will teach us many things, including how to Support women through pregnancy, Childbirth, and beyond.  Upon completion of this course, we will then be Certified Sacred Pregnancy Instructors and will be able to teach the 8 week “PREGNANCY JOURNEY” classes or 2 day “PREGNANCY JOURNEY” mini retreats + the 4 week “BIRTH JOURNEY” courses in your community…sharing the deep drink with our amazing Surrogates.

We are also hoping to take it one step further, and share our knowledge with Intended Moms, as they walk through the Pregnancy, and birth process in a very different way.  We will be offering Blessingways, and other weekend retreats to support our Intended Moms, as they also deserve an honouring of their journey to Motherhood.

As we draw closer to the retreat, we will continue to Blog, and as we complete this Sacred training we will update with many opportunities to share in the courses, and retreats we will be offering.

For further information on CFCs Surrogacy services, please contact our office by email at info@fertilityconsultants.ca, or by calling us at 613 439 8701