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Privacy vs secrecy in surrogacy

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This week the media has been busy surmising as to why Paris Hilton and her partner Carter Reum chose surrogacy. 

While it’s lovely that surrogacy is getting some press- we love when it’s normalized, the fact that the media believes it has rights to the medical or social reason behind it is absolutely absurd. 

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There is a significant difference between privacy and secrecy, and the media isn’t getting on this one. 

Surrogacy is a means to have a child, and the reason behind it is private.  Our view on the story is that it’s the child born through surrogacy’s story to share, if and when they chose, in a way that they choose to share it. While pregnancy and birth announcements are exciting, in over 15 years of doing this work, I have spoken to countless Intended parents who have been blindsided by nosey questions, whether a heterosexual couple being asked if the father had sex with the surrogate, to gay dads being asked who the “real” or biological father is, really, whatever happened to a simple congratulations.  

Finally, I’ll leave you with this. 

It’s not the responsibility of infertile people, or those working with a surrogate for social reasons, celebrities included. To explain the “why” or to do the work to ensure you are comfortable with the “why”.  

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