What should parents be looking for in a Gestational Surrogate?

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Gestational surrogacy considerations

Gestational surrogacy considerations

Canadian Fertility Consultants interviews many Intended parents, and Surrogates each week to assess suitability in our program.  It is our goal to educate all parties on the process of Gestational Surrogacy as a viable option to either become parents, Or to help people become parents.

Intended parents often ask us, What should I be looking for in a Surrogate?

Our answer is this,

  • A women between 21-40 years old
  • Has had at least one full term, uncomplicated pregnancy
  • She has good social support- either spouse, family or friends to care for her during the pregnancy
  • Someone trustworthy- when you meet do you feel at ease?
  • Willing to submit to a Criminal record check
  • She is willing to be medically/psychologically screened by your Fertility clinic
  • She has access to appropriate medical care- including a hospital with an NICU
  • Her desire to help you is based on a genuine desire to help, not financially driven

When looking for a Gestational Surrogate, whether through an agency, or on your own, it is vitally important to consider the above criteria.  There is also the matter of Values fit. Once you have assessed the above, we suggest that the next items for consideration, be as follows.

  • Do we share the same values regarding Selective Reduction/Termination for medical abnormalities
  • Will timely communication be possible- are we in the same time zone, how will we best communicate?
  • Are my expectations of this person realistic, or do I need to make some concessions
  • Will she allow us to be present during medical appts/the birth
  • What type of contact, if any, are we expecting during/post birth
  • Is she able to commit to this process- knowing it may be a 1-2 year process

Gestational Surrogacy is such a personal process, and no matter how you answer the above questions, it is important to ensure that you have a supportive team around you to help you through- Fertility Dr, Mental health professional, Lawyer, and in many cases, a Fertility consultant, or agency.

If you would like further information on How to find a Surrogate, please contact our office by calling 613 439 8701 Or email us at info@fertilityconsultants.ca